Attorney General Jeff Sessions has vocalized many times that he is an opponent of the legalization of marijuana.

In a recent statement, Sessions said, “It is the mission of the Department of Justice to enforce the laws of the United States, and the previous issuance of guidance undermines the rule of law.”

The Trump administration has just freed prosecutors to be more aggressive when enforcing federal laws against marijuana in states where the production and sale has been decriminalized.

Prosecutors across the nation are allowed to prioritize resources to crack down on pot possession, distribution and cultivation in states where it’s legal.

It was on January 1st that California started to allow the sale of recreational marijuana. It is now the 8th state to do so.

Democrats weren’t thrilled with the Trump administration’s move. Gavin Newsom, the Democratic lieutenant governor of California, said, “This brings states together around issues of freedom, individual liberty, states’ rights. All of the principles that transcend red and blue.”

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