Many people would be besides themselves if they didn’t have their Keurig machine making a cup of coffee each morning.

Now marijuana users may soon be able to have their cup of coffee each morning with marijuana.

A company in San Diego has made BrewBudz, which are K-cups that can be put into a coffee Keurig and can be made into marijuana infused coffee.

“A lot of people are under the impression that cannabis is a downer, and that is only 50 percent true,” said Kevin Love, director of strategic accounts for U.S. Coffee which is helping to launch BrewBudz. “There’s different strains of the plant.

“You wouldn’t drink alcohol before work and that is legal,” said Love. “There is a stigma with marijuana. Putting it in a coffee or tea removes the stigma of something that is actually medicinal and normalizes it.”

BrewBudz will be available in local dispensaries within 60 to 90 days according to Love.

BrewBudz also makes tea with caffeine and an herbal tea for bedtime.

Marijuana will be fully legal in the state of California in January of 2018.

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