Starting next year, the state of Colorado will have a universal “THC” symbol on the label of cannabis packaging.

Previously the rules only required that retail pot products carry the universal symbol on their packaging but now medical marijuana products will have to as well.

“Whether it’s used on retail or medical marijuana products, the universal symbol helps both consumers and non-consumers easily identify that a product contains THC and avoid unintentional ingestion,” CDPHE Deputy Executive Director Karin McGowan says in a statement announcing the decision.

β€œWe’re confident that the integration of a single symbol will help streamline our public health message, which focuses on the importance of educating yourself, young people and out-of-town guests about what the symbol means.”

The DOR announced that the rules were adopted “immediately,” but businesses will have some time to make the switch. They symbols need to be on all retail products by January 1st of 2019 and on all medical marijuana products by July 1st, 2019.

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