True Leaf International believes that marijuana doesn’t have to be just for humans, it can be for our canine friends as well.

The Canadian based company, which already has hemp-seed infused products for canines since 2015, is also planning on selling dog chews that contain cannabis extracts.

True Leaf’s hemp-seed infused products are to treat join pain, anxiety, and inflammation in our four legged friends. The products are sold in 1,600 North American stores as well as 300 stores in Europe.

The company is planning to raise $7.8 million through equity crowdfunding in the U.S. in order to make a marijuana production facility in British Columbia.

CEO Darcy Bomford commented, “People are spending more money to look after their pets, specifically as they get older. A lot of the drugs that are available in the veterinary market are effective and they work but they also have a lot of side effects.

There’s a big market there for natural products.”

“We’re really focused on making their quality of life as good as possible,” Bomford said. “We’re trying to return the love we get from our pets.”

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