Two business have applied for licenses to grow medical marijuana in the state of Arkansas. Five have also applied for licenses to begin selling it.

Arkansas State of Kind was the first medical-marijuana business that applied to go public last Thursday according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. The company is after a dispensary license as well as a cultivation license.

According to the business’s CEO Jason Martin, Arkansas State of Kind is expected to start selling medical marijuana by the middle of next year, that is if both of the licenses are approved by the end of 2017.

“We’ve been in the industry – around the industry – since 2012 everywhere it’s been legal,” Martin said. “It just continues to grow, and we’re excited about it being here in Arkansas. This is where we wanted to do it all along, and unfortunately for us, when it didn’t pass in 2012, we decided not to let it hold us back from being in the industry.”


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