Although the first crop in the state of Maryland’s medical cannabis program has matured and is grown, there’s no telling when patients may get the ability to buy it.

According to Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s Patrick Jameson, who is the executive director, the “industry is in its infancy.”

“No one should have any expectations,” he said. “The initial supply of medical cannabis will be limited.”

According to Jameson, 12,491 patients have been enrolled in the program, and 550 medical providers have signed up to recommend the drug.

It was earlier in the week that regulators approved eight other firms to enter the market.

The state’s first company to get a growing license was ForwardGro of Anne Arundel County and they just recently sent some of their product to the testing lab.

According to spokeswoman Gail Rand, “We have to wait for all their equipment to be validated in order for them to be ready to test. We are waiting for each step to figure out the next step.”

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