A thrift store in Sarasota, Florida had a drop off at its shop outside last week that had almost five pounds of marijuana in it.

The Pines Thrift Store had four bags of vacuum-sealed marijuana inside a tote bag near the clothing drop-off area outside the store, said officials with the Sarasota Police Department.

Inside the tote was a brown paper bag that held the marijuana.

After an employee opened the bag and saw what was in it, they called the police. The pot weighs aroud 4.7 pounds and is worth around $5,400 according to ABC News.

No arrests have been made according to Fox 13, but the Sarasota Police Department has sent the bags off for DNA and other testing to see if it can find the drug’s source.

Surveillance footage is also being looked at from the area to help with the investigation said WFTS-News.

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