Dan Osborne is a former minister of eight years, and is also someone who voted against Proposition 64 in California, which was the measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

He explained, “I’m a dad and a grandpa. So we’ve got a responsibility.”

Osborne made this statement in an interview with Marcus Lemonis in CNBC’s special episode of “The Profit,” “Marijuana Millionaires,” that aired on August 10th.
Despite his vote against it, the measure did pass.

The 55-year old may have voted against it, but he still plans to make money. He is heavily invested in marijuana and has spent $16 million building indoor growing facilities in California.

Osborne founded the company CLC Brand Labs last year which sells marijuana to medical dispensaries.

He said, “Especially when it becomes legal — recreational — there’s gonna be a lot of demand. It’s gonna shoot through the roof.”

How can someone who voted against the measure, be so willing to profit off of it, is my first question?

According to Osborne, he is “good at investment.” He expects his growing facilities to reap $22 million in 2018.

“My son-in-law won’t even talk to me because I’m in this business. He’s a pharmacist in Utah. And he’s so against this,” Osborne says.

“But when the kids grow up, when my grandkids grow up and they find out that their grandpa is in the medical marijuana business, I don’t think they’ll be surprised. They’ll like it.”

“I’m gonna ride this business out until I sell,” he says.

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