A start up out of Lexington, Kentucky, called Space Tango, is making the idea of marijuana research on the International Space Station a thing.

The company, which makes a “clean room” laboratory in a microwave-sized box, allows the International Space Station the opportunity to research given the small environment they are in.

Space Tango is giving them this small environment in which to perform tests and monitor the results in a space that is approaching zero gravity. Called “CubeLab” modules, they slot into the larger TangoLab containers.

Two Kentucky hemp and cannabis cultivation and retail companies, Atalo Holdings, which provides hemp genetics, and Anavii Market, an online retailer of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) therapeutics, as well as Space Tango, who has set up its own subsidiary, will research how microgravity can be used to better cultivate particular strands of medical marijuana.

“For all entrepreneurial companies in this new space area everyone is trying to hone in [sic] on what is the actual business,” said co-founder and chairman Kris Kimel of Space Tango.

“We’re trying to figure out here what’s the business now… For us, the model is looking at low earth orbit to actually develop and design applications for life on earth.”

“We’re able to meet our operating expenses off of revenue,” says Kimel. “Which is great for a company that is not just three years old.”

“Each time a new type of physics platform has been successfully harnessed such as electromagnetism, it has led to the exponential growth of new knowledge, benefits to humankind and capital formation,” said Kimel. “Using microgravity, we envision a future where many of the next breakthroughs in healthcare, plant biology and technology may well occur off the planet Earth.”

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