There are two recent reviews that will meet a lot of disagreement from people who actually feel relief from PTSD and chronic pain systems after using marijuana.

Two related reviews were published this week in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine that find little scientific evidence to back up that marijuana is effective or safe for treating chronic pain or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Researchers used 27 studies to form their conclusions as they examined the use of marijuana products for chronic pain in adults. They found insufficient evidence to prove that marijuana was helpful in easing pain in the sufferers.

Up to 80% of people who request medical marijuana want to ease pain, while more than a third cite PTSD as their primary reason, the US Department of Veterans Affairs researchers wrote, citing a separate recent small study.

The researchers then looked at data from two reviews and three studies that examine cannabis to treat PTSD in adults. Again, the researchers found little proof that conclude that the plant is effective in treating patients with PTSD.

There was even one study of veterans with PTSD that found that marijuana made “significant” worsening of symptoms in the veterans.

“We found low- to moderate-strength evidence that cannabis use is associated with an increased risk for psychotic symptoms, psychosis, mania, and — in active users — short-term cognitive dysfunction,” the authors noted.

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