MariMed announed this week that it has completed a licensing agreement for Canuvo to produce and sell the company’s Kalm Fusion products, including MariMelts sublingual strips, in Maine starting in Q1 2018.

The company’s brands are MariMed Kalm Fusion™ and Betty’s Eddies™ branded medical cannabis products and will include Kalm-Corn™ (popcorn) and MariMelts™ (sublingual oral strips) in THC and CBD formulations.

Canuvo is the second licensing partnership that the company has added since announcing a national expansion initiative for its branded products this past November.

The company’s licensed products are also available in Delaware, Illinois, Rhode Island, and Maryland. Products will later be available in Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts in Q1 2018.

“Glenn and Sage are two extremely knowledgeable and well respected cannabis experts who run one of the premier operations in the U.S., so it is especially gratifying to have them embrace our products,” stated COO Tim Shaw.

“We are excited to formalize our relationship with them to use MariMed’s proprietary processes, formulations, and marketing to bring Kalm Fusion and Betty’s Eddies products in a variety of easy to use, discrete ingestion options to the patients of Maine.”

“MariMed has created outstanding products from their cultivation techniques all the way through dosing and packaging,” remarked Glenn Peterson. “We see this as the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship, that will also benefit our patients as they have access to new, easy to use products.”

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