Many new patients are enrolling into New Jersey’s medical marijuana program under newly approved conditions.

Officials from the state’s Department of Health have announced that 1,000 people statewide have enrolled in the program under five new medical conditions since Phil Murphy became governor added them at the end of March.

The total of patients now in the program is around 20,000.

Health officials have said that out of the new 1,000 patients that have enrolled into the program, 400 have been diagnosed with anxiety, 90 with migraines, and 5 with Tourette’s syndrome.

Commissioner Dr. Shereef Elnahal stated, “We’re adding 100 new patients every day. This demonstrates that there was pent-up demand. People with chronic pain now have the option of medicinal marijuana instead of opioids, and more than 100 strains are available.”

“The phones are extremely busy,” commented Dr. Andrew Medvedovsky, owner of New Jersey Alternative Medicine in Linwood. “People may get frustrated when they don’t get through quickly enough, but it’s a growing thing. It’s definitely an adjustment to accommodate all these people and take care of existing patients and provide all those services.”

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