There is a stereotype that shows marijuana users as absent-minded and forgetful individuals. This stereotype may have been debunked by a new study which was published March 27 in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry.

Prospective memory, which is the brain’s internal calendar and keeps track of what we need to do, may not be affected as much by marijuana as the heavy use of alcohol or opioids. That is according to the University College London in the United Kingdom, which recruited 36 people who used marijuana almost daily and 18 people who didn’t use the drug.

According to David Diamond, a professor of psychology and molecular pharmacology at the University of South Florida who wasn’t involved in the new study, “This is an important area of research as marijuana is becoming legalized.”

Participants in the study played a game called Virtual Week where they were given a number of tasks they had to remember to perform at later points in the game.
Both groups scored similarly.

Researchers did point out though that the findings may not apply to all marijuana users as the participants in the study were at an average age of 24-years old. Many were also well educated.

“We cannot assume the same results would emerge in older frequent cannabis users, those with lower educational attainment or those seeking treatment for cannabis use disorder,” the researchers wrote.

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