The heat is on as Vermont’s Governor, Phil Scott (R) has only a day left to decide if he’s going to make marijuana legal in the Green Mountain state. If he decides to pass the bill, Vermont would become the ninth state in the United States to legalize recreational pot.

The bill just passed the legislature on May 11th and if passed, would make marijuana legal recreation-ally for adults 21 or older in July of next year.

According to spokeswoman Rebecca Kelley, speaking to CNN this week, Scott is “going to take a look very closely at it.”

The hope may be that he does absolutely nothing because it would then automatically become a law at 12:01am on Thursday May 24th.

The state has already legalized medical marijuana which is sold at medical dispensaries.

Vermont is the first state to make it this far in legislature compared to 22 other states that are considering bills to legalize the drug.

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