Over a thousand structures have been destroyed and burned due to the wildfires blazing in northern California.

The state’s governor Jerry Brown has even declared a state of emergency in counties such as Napa and Sonoma which are known for their wine making regions.

It’s more than just the wine crops being endangered due to the fires however.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the California Growers Association (CGA), one-third of the association’s leaders were either evacuating themselves, or helping neighbors to escape the flames.

“We’re expecting some pretty significant property damage,” CGA executive director Hezekiah Allen told the Chronicle. “As damage numbers emerge, it’s going to be pretty stunning on all fronts, and certainly our membership has been directly impacted.”

The wildfires may leave the harvest tainted with a smokey smell as well as ash.
The Chronicle, citing community surveys, has said that Sonoma alone has as many as 3,000 cannabis gardens.

“Especially when it’s ripe—I can tell you from personal experience, wildfire definitely will make your cannabis have a smokey flavor to it; just like wine,” Kristen Nevedal, the executive director of the International Cannabis Farmers Association, told Greenstate.

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