It looks like Pennsylvania residents with medical marijuana cards are taking advantage of them.

The state’s tens of thousands of patients are able to get relief from a new dispensary called Squirrel Hill but the place is already running out of the drug.

“Right now, there’s a little hiccup in the road, bump in the road, and we’re just dealing with it,” stated Sam Britz, the operator of Solevo Wellness.

In the first week alone, 500 patients had visited Solevo but many didn’t even get the variety or quantity that they wanted.

Britz remarked, “It’s a little frustrating. It’s frustrating for the patients, too. But they understand.”

The problem is that there is only one growing supplying dispensaries in the region and the state has to wait for licensed in stage grower processors and none from out of state.

While two dispensaries have opened up in our region, there’s only one grower supplying them, and that’s not enough to meet the demand.

PurePenn in McKeepsort only started growing pot in December.

It’s a waiting game for the state for the time being.

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