Compassionate Certification Centers just announced today that an office has opened in Pittsburgh. The office is located on Stanwix Street in Gateway Center.

The office is a national medical marijuana network that helps eligible patients with evaluations and certifications for cannabis treatment.

According to the office, it will provide “medical cannabis evaluations, guidance through the certification process, and continued treatment care for eligible patients who have been diagnosed with one of 17 state qualifying conditions.”

Dr. Bryan Doner and Dr. Keyur Patel of Compassionate Certification Centers will oversee the office.

“We want to set a new benchmark in medical cannabis care. Our physicians and health care providers come from a variety of sub-specialties and are certified by their respective state,” Doner said. “We are more than just certification centers, and we are proud to offer patients ongoing care and support based on their individual needs.”

The goal of the company is to open 25 patient centers throughout Pennsylvania.
There are around 200,000 state residents are able to qualify for medical marijuana cards according to officials.

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