The state of Massachusetts has now made it possible for hopeful recreational marijuana businesses to apply.

The state’s regulators have started to welcome applicants on Monday. The applicants are applying to cultivate and sell recreational marijuana.

The applications are currently open to businesses given “priority certification,” which includes medical marijuana dispensaries who already went through the permitting process. It also includes “economic empowerment” applicants who have “experience in or business practices that promote economic empowerment” by working with communities with high drug arrest rates.

“We’ve got our incorporating documents, financial statements, operating agreements — all that stuff — ready to go,” said Norton Arbelaez to the Boston Globe. Arbelaez is the director of government affairs for New England Treatment Access.

It will be in May when Massachusetts will start to accept applications from small businesses including craft marijuana cooperatives and independent testing labs.

Marijuana retailers and transporters will be able to apply in June.

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