Civil rights activist, Rev. Al Sharpton, had some interesting things to say about marijuana legislation.

The activist was at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition in Boston where he said, “I will never tell you how to grow marijuana, I don’t know how to do that. But I know how to agitate.”

“It should be a civil right for people to maintain and enhance their health,” Sharpton said.

“Second, as this industry builds, it should be inclusive. Blacks cannot be the ones that go to jail and others to the bank.”

The Cannabis World Conference and Business Exposition welcomes companies and interested parties from across the nation.

“We have more in common than we have apart. We can serve each other’s interest without losing each other’s identity,” Sharpton also said. “We must expand the opportunity, we must expand the business opportunity to include all of us.”

He went on to ask, “Who would think that we are in the 21st century debating about whether we are going to cover healthcare for people and debating about whether we’re going to let people who are suffering use medical marijuana?”

“I’m for same-sex marriage and I’m not gay,” Sharpton remarked. “People have a right to do things I’m not engaged in.”

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