While Sacramento’s Police Department forms a dedicated group of officers that will be responding to criminal activity related to marijuana, it could be the SWAT team taking care of matters until then.

The department has said that it could send members of its SWAT team to combat illegal marijuana grows until they form a group.

This is just one option that will be presented at the Sacramento City Council meeting this Tuesday.

“We need to be able to meet the challenge of eliminating these illegal grows,” said Joe Devlin, who runs the cannabis office. “Our challenge are these illegal residential grows, homes (where) nobody lives.”

Councilwoman Angelique Ashby has urged officials to create an “urgent plan of action” within 30 days to combat the illegal grows last month.

According to Devlin, there could be 1,000 illegal growing operations in Sacramento.

Just this year the police department has responded to 76 marijuana related robberies.


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