A group of scientists have given fish marijuana and believed that it could be a solution for a problem that is happening underwater right now.

There is an increase of fish in the same confined spaces due to the aquaculture industry ramping up production.

Scientists at the American University of Beirut, according to Hakai Magazine, had fed Nile Tilapia fish with pellets that were laced with cannabis oil.

The goal was to see if the fish would relax and is in efforts to lower fish bullying in farms

Lead author Patrick Saoud had a difficult time even starting the study as cannabis is illegal in Lebanon and anyone who is caught with it is sent to prison generally.

Thankfully no law prevents what Dr. Saoud had proposed and police gave the team marijuana from their evidence locker.

The study didn’t quite work out because the fish who had received the pellets did not survive better than any others on a controlled diet.

Plus the fish became hungrier so they would have to be fed more which cuts a farmer’s profit margins.

Well, there went that idea.

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