According to a study that was recently published in the American Journal of Public health, smokers are seven times more likely to smoke marijuana daily.

The study also found that this was very strong for those in the age group of 12 to 17, as young smokers were 50 times more likely to use the drug daily.

According to Renee Goodwin, the lead investigator and an adjunct associate professor at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, “More people are smoking cannabis on a daily basis.”

Goodwin had said that all of the groups examined, which included smokers, former smokers and nonsmokers in the US, showed increasing rates of daily cannabis use.

The data was collected from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health for 2002 through 2014 and included 725,010 people.

Goodwin also remarked, “Daily cigarette smokers were over seven times more likely to use cannabis daily, and non-daily cigarette smokers were over four times more likely to use cannabis daily than were never-smokers.”

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