A new ordinance may soon be putting a cap on just how many marijuana dispensaries will be allowed in the city of Detroit.

According to the proposal under the ordinance, the city may only have 75 medical marijuana dispensaries that will be allowed to legally operate.

Counsel member James Tate proposed the ordinance as there have been dozens of illegal dispensaries being shut down.

According to Tate there needs to be rules for five types of medical marijuana facilities. This includes the locations where medical marijuana could be grown, tested, processed, transported and dispensed to patients who have state-approved medical marijuana cards.

“Approving this ordinance would finally bring some closure to this issue and chart the path to the future of this industry in the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan,” said Tate.

The goal has always been to ensure that we have an industry that is respectful of the neighborhoods, the communities it is located in, but also considerate to individuals seeking safe access to alternative medication. This ordinance balances those two needs with the preservation of neighborhoods being the top priority.”

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