Budding Superstar Precicion Trim, Inc. (OTC: PRTR) Combines Patent Pending Robotics with Cannabis Plants to Revolutionize the Marijuana Trimming Markets

A Shift in Demand Plus Advancement of Technology Have Shareholders Closely Monitoring This Story as it Develops

An Industrial Revolution is taking place….

As demand for cannabis has reached tens of billions of dollars, the need for reliable and skilled cannabis-trimming is destined to grow. Bud trimming is without a doubt the most demanding job in the cannabis industry. Most everyone dreads the process of trimming cannabis buds (also known as “manicuring” your cannabis.)

Trimming cannabis fulfills a few principle needs. Aesthetically, cannabis looks better when all around manicured and thus fetches better prices at the dispensaries. In print media, and online photos, virtually all of the buds visible are either completely manicured or somewhat trimmed. In addition, leaves are harsher on your throat & lungs than straight bud when smoking cannabis, so trimming off additional leaf matter enhances the smoothness.

The primary reason for trimming cannabis plants is to improve the levels of cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and also terpenes, which are the lovely, fragrant substances that shield plants from predators, give blooms an extraordinary taste and provide medical benefits to consumers. The leaves have a lower concentration of THC – the psychoactive ingredient – in Cannabis. Gram for Gram, this is prudent business…

which is creating an enormous global opportunity.

Industry expert ArcView Research and their partner BDS Analytics released a report at the beginning of 2018 which estimated that the overall economic impact of the cannabis industry would increase to $40 billion by 2021. They project spending on legal cannabis globally to hit an astounding $57 Billion by 2027. Some of these projections are awe-inspiring.

The cannabis market is booming these days, operating legally in many states and countries across the globe. Even domestically the numbers are staggering. Another study, performed by New Frontier Data, concluded that the cannabis industry in the United States will top $24 billion by 2025.

As more and more states legalize the use of marijuana, it will create new opportunities. The growers today are overwhelmed with the demands for labor and are looking for a solution to this problem. The number of qualified cutters is finite and won’t be able to grow at a commensurate rate with the industry.

The biggest single expense that marijuana growers have is harvesting and trimming. This accounts for 30-45% of the costs. Trimming is labor intensive and is costly to the land owners who must protect their fields. This is not only time-consuming, it’s also expensive.

Now one company has taken their green thumb to a new level and is ready to tackle this issue head on.

“Bud Trimmers Could Soon Be Replaced By Robots.”

The need for change in this unique niche of a high growth industry squarely places one distinctive company – Precicion Trim, Inc. (OTC: PRTR) – in a uniquely attractive spot for potential growth.

Precicion Trim will Provide High Speed/High Quality Automated Harvesting and Trimming Devices for the Marijuana Industry

Precicion Trim, Inc. (OTC: PRTR), an Industry-Leading Provider of automated marijuana bud trimming, is developing a patent pending machine which can both harvest, and trim buds, for processing right in the field. This revolutionary apparatus eliminates the need to hire workers to do the trimming and gives growers a superior product with cheaper delivery.

The company’s chief objectives are to build on its superior patent pending plant trimming machines and manufacture/distribute the machines worldwide.

They have developed and facilitated strategic partnerships with prestigious equipment manufacturers. Exploiting this technology gives Precicion Trim the capacity to capture market share as the Trimming Industry is projected to grow in excess of $8 Billion over the next five years.

Precicion Trim, Inc. is in a unique position to increase the efficiency of the marijuana trimming industry by introducing a Patent-Pending Automated trimming machine – complete with post processing abilities to convert the trim into useable/sellable oils leaving no waste.

Precicion Trim’s robot will be able to operate 24-7, in fields and grow houses. Unlike their human counterparts, they don’t take breaks, will not need to be driven around for hours to hide the field, and won’t be tempted to steal some of the product.

Typically, cutters will be hooded, blindfolded, and covered so the location of the crop remains a secret. Many companies employ armed guards to prevent theft. All this adds to the cost of production. This can soon become the way of the past.

An experienced cutter can command upwards of $50/hour. If a grower employs 8 workers, that $400 per hour. Precicion Trim, Inc.’s bud trimmer is projected to perform at the speed of 8 workers – at mere fractions of the cost. There will be fewer errors, no need for security, and now waste can be processed into Cash instead of Trash.

Oils and beneficial by-products can be converted to a profitable extract – directly from the machine.

Let’s take out the calculator and apply some simple math. Currently, the trimming industry is over $1.6 Billion in size. The cost of harvesting is roughly 30% to growers. So this means they are spending (wasting) $320M each year. If Precicion Trim can capture only 10% of this market, that’s $32M in revenue! Additionally, the oil extraction process can raise that number drastically where PRTR can see over $100M in revenue annually.

Come and see for yourself

Precicion Trim filed for its patent on the product and has been working with one of the nation’s best horticulture equipment manufacturers – to build and service the machines. Preliminary designs are in process and production is slated for the 3rd Quarter of 2018.

“Marijuana ‘trimmigrants’ have the hardest job in the industry ― and they could soon be upstaged by robots”
~Business Insider

Business Insider makes mention of the fact that automation could stop the exploitation of immigrant bud trimmers – “trimmagrants.” Sexual assault of female bud trimmers is another serious problem. As many of these workers are not in the country legally, there is a general mistreatment of them. Automation may just provide that boost needed for the industry and remove the negative stigma.

With Precicion Trim at the helm, efficiency would only go up from here, and marijuana prices would naturally drop, which benefits the consumers.

The machines will be producing large amounts of trim, which can be processed to create oils and extracts. This can provide additional revenue for the growers. Precision Trim is putting additional greens back into the growers’ pocket.

Do you see NOW why the demand for this can be off the charts?

The machines will leased. The company will be leasing them to consumers directly. The majority of Growers will be able to bring in the machines and pay as they go at harvest. This will keep the machines operating full time with limited down time.

Precicion Trim, Inc. (OTC: PRTR) has been working with distributors in the industry to set up programs with growers who have established relationships. Machines will be set up at multiple locations in Colorado, California, and Oregon. The company intends to build a fleet of over 2000 machines with dedicated units for large facilities that may not use them daily, but at least a week per month. This would create a residual income.

As the marijuana market continues to grow, more fields will need harvesting. The current labor force will be unable to meet the demand. Precicion Trim will lease out the equipment to the growers for $125/pound. It’s believed the first generation units will trim two pounds per hour. Larger facilities can have multiple machines and run them year round.

Management is fixated on working with the major growers in this industry to get machines to their facilities. Precision Trim will be setting up cycle programs with complete support from field technicians. These technicians will set up and maintain the machines at the facility for the harvesters.

Precicion Trim will be rotating machines between facilities enabling full time operation. A typical machine can harvest up to 2000 sq ft in a week, leaving 15 lbs of trim to be processed. Each machine would be set up on a 10 week cycle at a facility to come back as the next harvest is ready. Thus, Precision Trim anticipates revenues of $250/hour X 24 X 5 = 30,000/week, which translates to $1,560,000 a year from each two machine harvesting duo. For every 5 teams, this would net over $7.5 million a year.

CEO Richie Kerwin Lim is a 20 year veteran of manufacturing and has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing business. He is the perfect candidate to see Precicion Trim’s robotic marijuana bud trimmer to market.

6 Reasons Why Precicion Trim, Inc. (OTC: PRTR) Offers Investors an Intelligent Opportunity to Participate in the Legal Marijuana Boom
      1. Precicion Trim, Inc. (OTC: PRTR) has extensive industry experience and understands its customer bases and their needs. Hence they have created a technology which solves numerous issues and eliminates many problems. As the process becomes automated, the product can run 24/7/365, with minimal oversight.
      2. Precicion Trim, Inc. can dramatically reduce overhead for growers. Since bud trimming is one of the most significant expenses, this puts more “green” in their pockets, and mitigates costs to a fraction of the original amount. Precicion Trim provides transparent analysis of costs to very appreciative customers.
      3. Automation will work in both outdoor fields, and indoor facilities. This means every grower will have an opportunity to utilize this cutting edge technology. For large facilities this could be integrated to allow harvesting year round.


>Precicion Trim, Inc.

    1. anticipates

sales of over $64 Million

    once machines are in full production. They have the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to get started with growers immediately.

  1. Growers will now possess the option to store and control the previously discarded product. An extraction method for oils and other extracts will be fully integrated. This eliminates waste and adds tremendous value to the machine by creating greater profit potential.
  2. Precicion Trim, Inc. represents an extraordinary investment opportunity with potential above market returns by utilizing a disruptive technology in a marketplace desperate to increase efficiency in harvesting. Funding will drive higher inventories and create marketing initiatives for Brand Recognition.

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