This Could Be the Single Best Way to Play the Coming Explosion in Canada’s $8 Billion Legal Marijuana Industry

Revealed: Why Investors Should Watch Shares of Cannabis Wheaton (TSX.V:CBW) ; (OTC: CBWTF) Closely in the Weeks Ahead for Potentially Explosive Gains

The clock is ticking…

Right now an $8 billion Canadian industry faces a supply crisis of epic proportions.

With just months remaining before recreational marijuana is legalized in Canada – in July 2018 – the supply of weed is projected to be extremely limited.

At this very moment, a once-in-a-generation profit opportunity is unfolding as licensed producers (LPs) race to come online and meet the coming explosion in demand.

As this scenario unfolds, one little-known company may hold the key to helping producers take advantage of this new industry’s growth.

This is a true “Post-Prohibition” profit opportunity in legalized marijuana…one that will never come along again in our lifetime.

With growers racing for government approval – and in desperate need of financing to launch their businesses – one company is offering a much-needed “life raft” to these firms…

And at the same time, this company – the first of its kind in the world – is offering investors the single best way to play the projected explosion in growth over the next 12 months in Canadian weed.

This company is Cannabis Wheaton (TSX.V:CBW) ; (OTC: CBWTF) – the first of its kind to offer access to funding and expertise that could prove critical to licensed producers as they look to expand as quickly as possible.

To be clear… Cannabis Wheaton (TSX.V:CBW) ; (OTC: CBWTF) doesn’t actually grow, harvest or produce marijuana on its own.

By applying a “streaming” business model with a proven history of success in the mining industry, Cannabis Wheaton (TSX.V:CBW) ; (OTC: CBWTF) offers investors a unique chance at high upside potential in this rapidly-growing industry.

Breaking News: Cannabis Wheaton Moving Quickly to Pounce on this Potentially Explosive Market Growth

Right now, as you’d might expect with Canada’s legalization approaching rapidly, Cannabis Wheaton (TSX.V:CBW) ; (OTC: CBWTF) is making a tremendous amount of news.

  • The company has 15 streaming partners – spanning six Canadian provinces – to help build and expand cannabis growing facilities.
  • By 2019, the company is projected to have more than 1.4 million effective square feet of marijuana cultivation thanks to its relationships with these partners.
  • Just recently – on September 20 – the company announced an exclusive distribution alliance – believed to be the first of its kind across Canada – with the owner of a national chain of independent pharmacies to develop and implement medical cannabis distribution and retail sale opportunities.
  • Also in September, the company announced the launch of Wheaton Licensing, an accelerator platform to support exceptional entrepreneurs through the application process to become licensed producers of cannabis in Canada…and the company welcomed Kanata Earth Inc. as the first participant in this program on September 22.

Larger and Faster Growth Than Even the Dot-Com Era

According to Forbes, the legal marijuana industry’s “growth is larger and faster than even the dot-com era.

For investors, this early stage of a new industry’s growth is when fortunes are made.

But how do you separate the winning investments that could make you thousands of dollars from the losers that could drag down your portfolio?

After all, a handful of companies have already delivered triple-digit gains for early investors, including…

The key to finding explosive growth potential in fast-developing industries is to look for companies that offer three important things:

  1. A business model that allows for lightning-fast “scalability” and growth.
  2. A competitive advantage – or “moat” – that separates it from other companies.
  3. A leadership team with strong vision and a proven history of delivering successful growth.

Cannabis Wheaton (TSX.V:CBW) ; (OTC: CBWTF) right now stands alone as the single best way to play the red-hot legal marijuana market in North America because it possesses all three of these important traits.

Now You Can Profit from this 21st Century “Land Grab”

Canada’s push to legalize recreational marijuana by July 2018 has triggered a massive race for market share among the country’s 43 licensed producers (LPs).

At this moment, Canada’s LPs are now scrambling to expand their capacity as quickly as possible…because they know that they’ll never again have this “post-prohibition” growth surge available to them.

But the large majority of Canada’s licensed producers are struggling with production.

Ramping up – and quickly – takes a huge commitment of manpower, resources and expertise…and many of these companies simply don’t have enough of any of them.

That’s where Cannabis Wheaton (TSX.V – CBW) ; (OTC: CBWTF) comes into play.

Cannabis Wheaton is the very first cannabis streaming company in the world. And that “streaming” business model gives the company potential for exponential growth…while lowering the potential risk for investors.

And with 15 streaming partnership agreements already in place – along with 39 clinic relationships that provide access to over 30,000 registered medical marijuana patients – the company is already off to a tremendous start in the race to ramp up production and distribution.

The Critical Advantages of Cannabis Wheaton’s Proven Business Model

Cannabis Wheaton’s “streaming” business model is simple.

As I mentioned, the company doesn’t actually grow, harvest or produce marijuana on its own.

Instead, Cannabis Wheaton provides funding to existing LPs for the initial construction or expansion of their cannabis cultivation facility. In exchange, Cannabis Wheaton receives both a minority equity interest in the company and a portion of the cultivation production.

On top of the funding, Cannabis Wheaton also provides the LPs with critical production expertise, as well as guidance on expansion strategies and regulatory issues.

To put this another way, Cannabis Wheaton offers companies an invaluable “lifeline” of sorts – providing access to both funding and expertise that could make-or-break LPs looking to expand as quickly as possible.

What Cannabis Wheaton TSX: CBW ; OTC: CBWTF Offers Its Streaming Partners:

  • Capital for initial build or expansion
  • Construction management
  • Genetics and cultivation expertise
  • Access to less dilutive funding
  • Brand building expertise
  • Patient growth
  • Legal and financial expertise

This “streaming” business model has a proven history of success in the mining industry, where streaming companies offer capital in exchange for a purchase of a fixed percentage of future metals production from a mine.

But there’s a critical difference between a “streaming” model in the metals industry and one in the legal marijuana industry:

In precious metals, you can’t just set up and build a mine anywhere…you have to find the ore. And that is both costly and time-consuming.

For Cannabis Wheaton TSX: CBW ; OTC: CBWTF – the very first company to apply this model to the legal marijuana market – their streaming partners can set up facilities virtually anywhere…allowing for faster growth potential.

Investors Get the Advantages of Diversification PLUS Massive Upside Potential

The economics of Cannabis Wheaton’s business model are outstanding, as each $1 investment of capital by Cannabis Wheaton can translate into a high rate of return.

And for individual investors…by investing in the very first cannabis streaming company you tap into two critical elements no other traditional marijuana investment can provide:

  1. Diversification – Because the company is supporting a wide range of cannabis cultivation companies – in exchange for equity and production – your investment allows you to spread your risk over multiple companies with a single investment.
  1. Massive upside – Cannabis Wheaton allows investors to enjoy the explosive upside potential that comes with multiple licensed producers with just a single investment.
How “Traditional” Marijuana Investments Stack Up to Cannabis Wheaton TSX: CBW ; OTC: CBWTF

Cannabis Wheaton TSX: CBW ; OTC: CBWTF provides a superior investment opportunity to “traditional” marijuana investments. Here’s how they stack up:

Cannabis Wheaton
Traditional Marijuana Companies
Ability to scale quicklyx
Safety and diversification that comes with multiple LPsx
Proven, leveraged business modelx

Why NOW is the Time to Consider Adding Shares of Cannabis Wheaton TSX: CBW ; OTC: CBWTF To Your Portfolio

You already know that the market for legal marijuana – particularly in Canada – is in the early stages of a massive growth phase.

But what makes Cannabis Wheaton TSX: CBW ; OTC: CBWTF such an attractive – and time-sensitive – investment opportunity is that massive growth in Canada is virtually guaranteed over the next 12 months.

Here’s why:

Canada’s push to legalize recreational marijuana by July 2018 has triggered a period of aggressive growth. Licensed producers are now actively working to increase capacity by raising funds and working on expansion.

That’s precisely where Cannabis Wheaton (TSX.V – CBW) (OTC: CBWTF) comes in.

According to one prominent Canadian analyst, “we expect 20-30 additional licenses (for production) could be issued by the federal government over the next two years…we expect these new entrants will add an additional 20,000 kg of capacity.”

Simply put, there’s a massive push for more growth capacity in Canada as the current production levels will not be able to meet demand once legalization is given final approval.

That means companies are racing to raise funds and expand their facilities…and that could lead to rapid growth for Cannabis Wheaton (TSX.V – CBW) ; (OTC: CBWTF) as they partner with these firms looking to grow quickly.

This explosion in growth – already underway – in Canada makes for an aggressive profit scenario that investors should consider tapping into immediately.

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Adding Shares of Cannabis Wheaton (TSX.V:CBW) ; (OTC: CBWTF) To Your Portfolio Today
  1. The market for legal marijuana in North America is exploding – with projected average annual growth of 25% over the next five years!
  2. Cannabis Wheaton (TSX.V – CBW) ; (OTC: CBWTF) is the world’s first cannabis streaming company…bringing a proven business model to a new industry at precisely the right time for explosive growth.
  3. The company offers investors a number of critical advantages – including massive upside potential and diversification – over traditional marijuana investments.
  4. Cannabis Wheaton’s management team is comprised of industry first-movers, visionaries and thought leaders, dedicated to creating value for their partners and the cannabis industry.
  5. The company’s model creates value for its streaming partners and allows investors to tap into a nationwide network of rapidly-growing marijuana growers.
  6. The Canadian government’s push to legalize marijuana has triggered a fast-moving “land grab” as companies race to expand capacity by 2018…creating a large number of partnership opportunities for Cannabis Wheaton in the months ahead.

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