It makes sense that with marijuana becoming more and more accepted across the U.S. that schools would start offering classes on it.

According to Forbes, Ohio State University, the University of Vermont, and The University of California, Davis, are offering classes based on the ‘biology and use of marijuana as well as legal issues around it’.

The University of Vermont is even offering students the chance to join a programme that focuses on Cannabis chemistry for graduate level learning.

Cannabis industry consultant Shannon Vetto told Forbes, “Educating people about the science of cannabis and the legal issues surrounding it allows people to enter the industry in a more legitimate way, equipped with real data and real knowledge, not myths.”

There are even two cannabis colleges in the United States. One is called the THC University and the other is called Cannabis Training University.

THC University offers over 150 hours of expert training on marijuana growing, budtending, cannabis business, and the latest regulations.

According to the company’s website, the Cannabis Training University is the best marijuana school and was developed to teach you everything you need to know to start your cannabis career today.

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