April 20th is unofficially the marijuana holiday across the globe and is supposed to be the biggest sales day of the year for the legal cannabis sector.

This year 4/20 may have come earlier on the west coast due to the coronavirus and people stockpiling and having a supply that could last weeks.

West Coast shoppers became the first to stock up on marijuana ahead of stay-at-home orders.

“On March 16, we had our busiest day ever,” said Stephen Rechif, operator of the legal adult-use cannabis dispensary, The Bloom Room, in downtown San Francisco.

However since the lock down, in-store sales have fallen. “Our sales are off 50%,” said Rechif. The city has banned curbside pickup, and the Bloom Room does not deliver.

According to data from the Colorado firm BDS Analytics, the national cannabis industry witnessed a series of sales spikes with double the average daily sales for mid-March.

Nationally, total March sales are slightly down month over month, despite the pre-quarantine rush, BDS Analytics said.

According to New Frontier, one-third of consumers estimate they have about two weeks to a month of weed left.

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