Masterpiece Roofing and Painting in Colorado, which has an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, has a new slogan. “Get a Roof, Get Some Weed.”

The company has posted a video onto its Facebook with Zach Blenkensopp informing viewers that the company is offering $500 worth of marijuana in vouchers.  Roofer  Corley then says, “Get a roof, get some weed. And let us turn your roof into a masterpiece.”

From Saturday to Monday, the video has already been seen 90,000 times.

Blenkensopp is the roofing company owner who was behind the controversial ‘buy a roof, get a gun’ commercial.

The Company wrote on its Facebook, “Denver’s #1 roofing company is offering YOU some free ‘grass’ with every roof that we install. We are taking roofing to the next level, ‘higher’ if you will.”

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