The fact that marijuana also comes in edible form and is baked or cooked into all kinds of things has been a concern among parents.

These kind of concerns were heightened this week after a fifth grader in New Mexico was suspended after handing out marijuana gummy bears that had THC in them.

The girl’s parents are also under investigation after their daughter handed the candy out to fourth graders in the cafeteria at Albuquerque School of Excellence.

According to KRQE reports, the students ate one gummy while the whole who handed them out had three to four.

A 9-year old who remains unidentified told the station, “I started feeling really dizzy. I felt like the room was going to flip to the side. She had this box, it had a label on it that said ‘Incredibles.’ We just thought it was ordinary gummies.”

The station reported that THC gummy bears could be two to as much as one hundred times stronger than traditional marijuana.

According to Incredibles, a medical marijuana company, the logo may have been counterfeited as the company does not make gummy bears.

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