Regenerative farming is about to gain some major buzz as a coalition of over 50 regenerative organic cannabis farmers and brands, partner dispensaries, allied businesses and nonprofit advocacy organizations have launched Weed Like Change.

Weed Like Change is a consumer education campaign to advocate for regenerative organic cultivation of cannabis, and shift the industry toward environmentally responsible and ethically produced cannabis products.

Convened by the nonprofit Sun+Earth Certified, the campaign’s goal is to educate cannabis consumers at retail outlets, points of sale, online and through a series of educational events about the environmental impacts of conventionally grown products, the advantages of regenerative organic farming, and the health benefits of cannabis products produced to organic certification standards.

Weed Like Change is also designed to increase the financial viability of regenerative organic cannabis brands; improve market access for independent and small-scale legacy farmers; and raise consumer awareness about the role cannabis production plays in either contributing to, or helping to mitigate, the effects of climate change.

“By amplifying farmer and consumer voices, and making the connection between cannabis cultivation and climate change, Weed Like Change is educating the public on the most pressing cannabis industry issues of our time,” said Casey O’Neill, regenerative organic cannabis farmer and Sun+Earth Certified Board President.

“The corporatization and mass production of cannabis in indoor, energy-intensive warehouses is not sustainable and has a disproportionally high carbon footprint; and we’d like to shift the industry toward more regenerative and socially just production models. This effort seeks to help consumers understand how uplifting farmers is a key priority if we are to protect and revitalize our local cannabis economies.”

As part of the campaign, many retail workers will be trained to engage with consumers on the benefits of regenerative organic cannabis. Each campaign partner will also be supplied with educational materials including informative point-of-sale displays and QR Code stickers that enable consumers to learn more about regenerative organic cannabis.

The Weed Like Change campaign will launch throughout California and Oregon on April 11 and continue through July 11, 2022.

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