It was this past Sunday night that the Grammy awards took place, following the death of famed NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

At the award show, performer Alicia Keys sang, “Hey B, thank you for that orange box. That was really fire.”

Keys was referring to the orange clothing racks that superstar Beyoncé had been sending to celeb pals that have items from her Ivy Park line.

A cannabis company decided to use this ling for an advertorial. Autumn Brands sent out a press release to raise its hand. “You know that ‘Orange Box’ Alicia Keys’ thanked Beyoncé for at the Grammy awards? Well she’s referring to the top cultivator in California’s ‘Wine Country,’ Autumn Brands,” said the release.

This was a pretty brazen move considering nobody has heard of the company but many have been following Beyonce giving out her line to celebs like Reese Witherspoon and others in recent weeks.

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