While it’s true that a Georgia couple has lost custody of their son after giving him marijuana, many would argue that it was not fair.

The couple had given their son marijuana to treat his seizures.

Matthew and Suzeanna Brill’s 15-year-old son, David, was taken away from the couple back in April after he tested positive for the drug.

The two parents had been charged with reckless conduct and are even facing jail time.

CBS News’ Omar VIllafranca has reported that the Brill’s son was having 10 seizurs a day and the marijuana allowed him to be seizure free for 71 days.

“For our son, it was a miracle for him,” Matthew said.

Marijuana is not legal in Georgia and it is illegal to sell it or possess it or for doctors to prescribe it for medical use.

“The only way he could get a medical card would be a six-year waiting list,” Suzeanna said in regards to the state allowing those with a state-issued medical card to possess low THC oil.

The Georgia Division of Family and Children services stated, “Case managers continue to work with the parents…so the family can be restored as quickly as possible.”

“They’re facing real criminal charges,” remarked criminal defense attorney Rachel Kugel. “I think even if they beat the criminal case… They still are definitely in hot water with regard to Child Protective Services.”

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