It was in June that a judge ordered Freehold Township to reimburse Steven McNeary for his marijuana.

McNeary uses the drug for muscular spasticity and his case is the first to order insurance to cover medicinal marijuana.

Judge Lione Simon was reported to say by John Paff’s Random Notes on N.J. Government blog, “I believe, and I think the science supports this, is that medical marijuana is safer, it’s less addictive, it is better for the treatment of pain.”

According to Freehold Township, marijuana even for medicinal purposes is illegal on a federal level and the town would be breaking a law by providing the marijuana for McNeary.

“Certainly I don’t understand how a carrier, who will never possess, never distribute, never intend to distribute these products, who will nearly sign a check into an attorney’s trust account, is in any way complicit with the distribution of illicit narcotics,” Simon said at the hearing.

“What else is important to note here is in this, Mr. McNeary’s case, there is a documented medical need and the concern is that Mr. McNeary is going to become addicted to opioids,” Simon also said.

“And, quite frankly, this Court is very aware of the tremendously, the explosion of these narcotics on the streets in the United States in the last decade, the tremendous amounts of death and addiction that are associated with these opioids.”

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