Addiction psychiatrist of Texas, Dr. Harold Urschel, spoke with the Oklahoma Medical Board about the dangers of marijuana recently.

He claims that the drug lowers a person’s IQ.

Dr. Harold Urschel, who is the chief medical strategist for EnterHealth, an addiction treatment program in Dallas, was speaking with the Oklahoma Medical Board, as well as local Oklahoma news channel KOCO News 5, about the dangers of marijuana.
Oklahoma is getting ready to vote soon on whether or not to legalize medical marijuana.

He said, “For teenagers, it decreases your IQ by eight points, which is a significant drop. It causes significant risk of heart attacks, lung cancer. Doubles your risk of stroke.”

Urschel is using a study from 2012 to back up his claim, that showed that those who heavily smoked marijuana before the age of 18 had around an eight-point reduction in their IQ.

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