AlaskaSense LLC, which operates a marijuana retail store called Cannabaska as well as a marijuana cultivation facility, has had its handler permit revoked by the Alaska Marijuana Control Board.

According to a petition filed by the Marijuana Control Board, the owner of the company, Smadar Warden, has been accused of unpaid taxes. He has failed to pay at least $169,365.88 in taxes, based on transfers made between the beginning of operations and March 31, 2018 totaling $293,248.97.

The board also alleges that the owner has failed to render waste from marijuana cultivation unusable before leaving the facility. The board cited a February inspection by AMCO investigators who had discovered marijuana buds, leaves and stems on the ground next to a dumpster outside the facility.

The Marijuana Control Board has said that while Warden is allowed to care for her existing plants pending the outcome of an appeal, but is no longer allowed to cultivate or sell marijuana.

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