Michigan legalized recreational marijuana in November of last year, and while many dispensaries are expected to open in the next few months, there will not be any in nearly half of the state’s communities.

It seems that almost half of Michigan’s communities have banned recreational marijuana businesses from opening.

At least 771 villages, townships, and cities have passed ordinances barring growers and dispensaries from opening up, according to the Michigan Municipal League.

More communities are expected to follow before Nov. 1, when the Marijuana Regulatory Agency starts taking applications from prospective growers and dispensaries.

“You are about to see the reinventions of communities,” said former state Rep. Mike Callton, who now works for MiCannabis Consulting, tells Metro Times. “When the hand of the economy comes down on an area, and you start injecting money and jobs, then you will see changes in the whole community.”

Cannabis consultant Mort Meisner predicts communities that banned the businesses “will join in and reap the benefits of foot traffic and [add] to their tax base.”

“It is surprising to me that nearly half of the cities in our state have opted out,” says Meisner. “Many of those who have chosen to sit on the sidelines and watch will change their minds soon.”

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