Hand sanitizer, bleach, masks, paper towels, toilet paper… all of these items are being stockpiled at furious rates in the U.S. as coronavirus fears escalate.

People are scared of businesses closing and a lock down keeping them from things they need. This may explain why many marijuana enthusiasts are stockpiling on the drug.

“Apparently people need weed and toilet paper, that I am sure of,” said Wanda James to USA Today.

James, 56, owns the Simply Pure dispensary in Denver. “They are absolutely stocking up.”

According to James, her store normally gets about 200 customers a day but on Monday that number became 300 customers.

“We have a huge uptick of people and they’re purchasing larger amounts of cannabis,” she explained.

With many people urged to stay at home and keep away from others, marijuana sales in states where it is legal have jumped dramatically.

In Washington state, sales soared by 33% on Sunday, compared to the week prior according to Headset, with the average per-person purchase rising to $33.70. The company said the number of customers buying more than $50 worth of cannabis products at a time jumped from 16% to 21% in a week.

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