Pennsylvania State Department of Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine led a discussion this week with the medical marijuana advisory board about adding anxiety and Tourette Syndrome to the list of conditions to be treated with medical cannabis.

Levine said she will decide this summer whether to approve anxiety and Tourette Syndrome as approved conditions as she needs more time to see how marijuana may treat the conditions.

“There’s a lot of literature to look at, in its different forms,” Levine said. “I also like to talk sometimes with experts throughout the country to get their view. I have not completed that, but I will complete it this summer.”

Currently there are 21 approved conditions for medical cannabis treatment in the state.

The next quarterly meeting of the PA Medical Marijuana Advisory Board will occur on August 14, 2019.

Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act was signed into law in April 2016, and the state’s medical marijuana program was fully operational by early 2018.

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