The Dutch government in the Netherlands will begin to accept applications next month from potential cultivators for the country’s adult-use cannabis experiment.

Starting on July 1 and running until July 28, companies will be able to apply to grow adult-use marijuana for supply to coffee shops in 10 municipalities around the Netherlands.

Until now, all coffee shops in the country have carried cannabis only from the illicit market.

The selection process of up to 10 growers is expected to take six months and the application form consists of five parts and a number of attachments, including:

General information, including certain residency requirements.

Cultivation location information.

A cultivation plan, among other things, detailing the plan to cultivate at least 6,500 kilograms (14,330 pounds) of flower per year.

A business plan.

A security plan.

The cultivation experiment will last at least four years, with an option to extend it for another 1½ years.

An independent committee will follow the experiment throughout its duration and provide an assessment at its conclusion.

The Minister of Medical Care and the Minister of Justice and Security sent a letter to Parliament with an update on the project, indicating that the mayors of participating municipalities were informed last month that their jurisdictions will receive financial support to cover costs associated with their participation in the experiment.

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