While the state of Arkansas approved the amendment to legalize medicinal marijuana back in 2016, there was one county where a majority of residents said no.

Boone County is one of 36 counties where a majority of voters voted no in favoring to legalize the drug. 55% of the voters in the county voted against the medical marijuana amendment.

Mike Bishop, who is the co-founder of An American Speaks and a Boone County resident, explained, ​”If you break down county by county, the residents of Boone County said by a pretty good margin that no, they weren’t in favor of having them in our county.”

“Allowing medical marijuana farms and dispensaries to be operated in the state,” Bishop said.

“What we’re trying to do is give the Boone County residents a voice that they can get this back on the ballot, so they can decide in November whether they want to continue and allow these or opt out of the marijuana amendment,” Bishop said.

An American Speaks needs roughly 2,200 petition signatures from Boone County voters by mid-August to get it on the ballot.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission has awarded licenses to cultivation centers in the state, but none are in Boone County.

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