According to your DNA, there may be an exact type of marijuana strain that will work best for your body.

This means that if you had a bad experience with marijuana before, it may be because you were using the wrong kind for your body.

An at-home DNA test from Endocanna Health promises to tell you what strain is best for you and which strain will make you paranoid.

The company says it can recommend a personalized profile dependent on your genes.

Endocanna Health is offering a DNA test for $199 and its team of scientists have identified 57 genetic signatures that may influence someone’s response to cannabis.

From there, the company can recommend certain doses or formulations of cannabis for a customer’s specific needs.

Users who are interested in learning what strain works best for them, can swab themselves at home with an Endo┬Ědna test kit or send in data from another service like 23andMe for a smaller fee.

The company markets itself as “the future of personalized cannabinoid therapeutics,” founded with precision medicine in mind.

The Endocanna test considers a person’s response to THC and even might tell you to avoid THC completely, or opt for a cannabis strain with higher levels of CBD, another cannabinoid that won’t get you high.

Endocanna also says it considers terpenes, another type of cannabis compound that may affect the brain.

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