Australians who are wanting to try cannabis to give them ease from their chronic ailments are happy to know that the country will be getting its first major commercial shipments of the drug from Wednesday.

According to News Corp Australia, the shipments from Canada were cleared by customs and include 2000 units of cannabis oil that are currently being stored in secure and secret warehouses across the “down under” country.

More shipments are expected to arrive all through the month.

Australians suffering from HIV, multiple sclerosis, severe epilepsy and other things will soon be able to find relief and will have access from their local pharmacy. They will be required to have a letter however from their GP or a prescriber that has been approved.

According to Health Minister Greg Hunt, the Turnbull government was taking strong action to help Australians in enormous pain.

“Since our policy was introduced in February, 30 permits have been granted to import medicinal cannabis products from Canada, Switzerland and the Netherlands,” the Health Minister said to News Corp Australia.

“The new importation rules are making medicinal cannabis products more readily accessible to Australian doctors where they believe it can provide a clinical benefit to their patients.”

“It’s encouraging to see this option being made more easily available to those who need is most and will be welcomed by Australians living with cancer,” also remarked Professor Sanchia Aranda, the CEO of the Cancer Council Australia.

“However, it’s important to remember that medicinal cannabis may not be suitable for all cancer patients — we still need more evidence around the potential side effects and further research to better determine how and when it should be used.”

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