While cannabis is said to have many benefits, it also comes with a price tag that some people may have a hard time affording.

Bennabis Health has partnered with a premier dispensary to help this issue by providing financial relief to medical cannabis patients.

The company has teamed up with the Botanist dispensaries of Southern NJ and will work together to deliver affordable membership program benefits to medical cannabis consumers.

Bennabis Health is the first company to offer such a membership program for patients eligible for a medical cannabis card.

Patients who have or get a medical cannabis card will now be able to find Bennabis Health membership program benefits available at The Botanist locations in New Jersey, including Atlantic City, Egg Harbor Township, and Williamstown.

“The continuing growth of our membership plan in partnership with The Botanist is the next step in our national rollout plan to increase patient access across the country,” said Bennabis Health President Don Parisi. “Expanding access and affordability across our home state has been a top priority.”

The Botanist dispensaries are developed by Acreage Holdings, Inc and provide a carefully curated retail and product experience for consumers.

“The Botanist has proudly served New Jersey medical patients for almost five years and is thrilled to partner with Bennabis Health to continue providing access and affordable health coverage to patients across the state,” said Brian Sickora, Acreage General Manager for the state of New Jersey.

There are no health insurance plans that reimburse for medical cannabis but Bennabis Health aims to be the first in the nation to offer health coverage for patients who need help paying for their cannabis. The company launched the first-of-its-kind membership program on March 1, the first step on the road to health plan coverage for medical cannabis.

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