While Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont may not have confirmed yet if he’s running for president in 2020, he did however make his argument about marijuana very loud in his new book that was released this week.

The Senator wrote in his new book, “Where We Go from Here: Two Years in the Resistance,” about the harms of marijuana prohibition.

He asks, “How many young people’s lives got off to a bad start because of a police record related to marijuana?”

“The good news is that many states and cities across the country are taking action to undo the damage caused by the war on drugs,” Sanders wrote.

“More and more states are moving to decriminalize or legalize the possession of marijuana, and some have passed legislation to expunge prior misdemeanor convictions.”

“The prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s was a failed policy. The prohibition of marijuana has also failed.”

Sanders spoke at George Washington University on Tuesday about some parts of his book and said, “What we learned is that the American people, including many conservatives, understand that we need fundamental reform of a broken criminal justice system, which includes by the way, ending this disastrous so-called war on drugs, which has destroyed many lives.”

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