A Forbes report has revealed that Nico Marley, the grandson of famed musician Bob Marley, has started a new CBD line.

The 25-year old former NFL player and now CEO of Lion X, has launched the company and a new hemp-based CBD product line. The line is targeted for the “forever millennial looking to get the most out of life.”

“I got scared and nervous,” said Nico to Forbes. “I called everyone. It was literally seven days [before the launch]. I spoke to my parents about it. They told me just go. I relaxed. I closed my eyes and released it. I went from scared to relieved to happy. It worked out beautifully.”

He also admitted, “My brothers and sisters and cousins—we are trying to make our own legend,” he explained. “We see ourselves as kings. So, we have our own jungle—trying to be king and queen of our own jungle.”

On his grandfather being an inspiration he remarked, “It’s the forefront of my purpose now. All of that put together makes me want to be a businessman and set an example for who will come after me—my kids, nieces and nephews.”

Lion X is available online via its own website; Come Back Daily, a CBD retailer in New York City; and Portland, Oregon-based The People Dispensary.

“We plan on being in a lot more stores,” said Nico. “We want to go to places where there’s a story and where they can align with our brand and vision.”

“I want to be among the most trusted brand. We want to reach and help as many people as possible. I want to build many meaningful relationships with people and in the right way.”

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