Rohan Marley, the son of Rastafarian Reggae legend Bob Marley, is looking to open his own medical marijuana dispensary in New Jersey.

According to the North Jersey Record, Marley is reportedly partnering up with Lightshade of Colorado to get a license to open up the dispensary in Essex County of Montclair.

His application could be one of several approved by the state. Recently the state announced that “five cultivation, four vertically integrated and 15 retail dispensary licenses would be granted.”

Marley would reportedly handle the marketing and hiring for the company says the report if he is approved. He also plans to introduce his own medicinal strain of cannabis in New Jersey with Lightshade.

“In Jamaica, my family has long been advocating about the medicinal benefits of marijuana and its many pathways to treatment well before its medical and recreational legalization into the U.S.,” Marley stated.

“Opening a medicinal cannabis dispensary is something I’ve been passionate about for a long time,” Marley told financial website Benzinga. “It’s wonderful to put cannabis forward on a positive stage and see patients benefit from its many uses. I’m happy to see New Jersey take part in this movement and watch it progress further.”

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