Pure Oasis, the very first recreational marijuana shop in Boston fell victim to looting this past weekend and was robbed of about $100,000.

The store, was the first minority-owned pot shop in Massachusetts and was looted Sunday night during riots in the city. Co-owner of Pure Oasis in Dorchester, Kobie Evans, told WBZ-TV someone broke one of their windows and looters stole about $100,000 worth of cannabis.

“It felt like a gut punch you know because our place was pretty trashed,” Evans said.
“We are supportive of peaceful protesting and obviously this was not it. This was something that people took advantage of the peacefulness of it,” Evans said.

Pure Oasis is surrounded by security cameras and police are investigating.
“It was really a melee and all types of people. A coordinated effort to go after certain businesses and take advantage of a smash and grab operation.”

Customers came to offer sympathy and support on Tuesday with a long line outside the business.

Evans added, “A young man lost his life in Minneapolis and I don’t know if we can address people who have a need to destroy property for selfish material gain. I think that that’s always going to happen.”

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