It was on Thursday that lawmakers in California approved a ban on marijuana use on commercial party buses.

The lawmakers sought to prohibit the smoking of marijuana on commercial party buses and limousines as law enforcement officials voiced concerns that the use of the plant could impair drivers and pose a risk of accidents.

The legislation was approved by the Assembly on Thursday. Kevin Sabet, head of the anti-cannabis group Smart Approaches to Marijuana was happy with the decision.

“Today’s marijuana is super strength and highly potent,” Sabet said. “Allowing use on party buses and limousines would have been dangerous and irresponsible.”

The bill next goes to the governor by the Legislature and was introduced by the Assembly Committee on Transportation.

“As is typically the case with pending legislation, if and when a bill reaches the governor’s desk it will be evaluated on its own merits,” said Jesse Melgar, a spokesman for Governor Gavin Newsom.

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