California may be on lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak but it is not stopping Californians from getting their marijuana, especially as medical marijuana is considered an essential item in the state.

Marijuana dispensaries are allowed to stay open during the coronvirus outbreak because they are considered an “essential” service.

Sales of marijuana and marijuana deliveries have been exploding in the state as people stockpile on the plant.

According to report, Laythen Martines, the owner of Sundial Collective in Redding, says online orders for pick up and deliveries have significantly increased in the month of March as COVID-19 hit the United States.

“I think people are scared to come out, you know? For us, it’s good because we don’t want our employees or anyone getting sick or spreading anything so its nice that people are taking advantage of delivery. We can take it right to them and it hopefully slows anything that would happen if there was someone in the store,” Martines commented.

Customers are able to order online and pick up in store with someone coming out to bring you the marijuana says Martines.

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