Several regulators in California are insisting that highway billboards advertising marijuana products need to come down that are not within state.

The state Bureau of Cannabis Control last week ordered billboard companies to stop selling space for cannabis marketing and take down existing ads on roads that cross state borders.

Previously, these kind of ads were only banned within a 15-mile radius of the California border.

The new decision covers about three dozen state and interstate routes, including the heavily traveled U.S. 101 in Los Angeles.

The advertisements can only remain on highways that lie entirely within California borders.

A San Luis Obispo County has ruled that interstate highway cannabis ads are illegal under Proposition 64. Prop 64 was a voter-approved 2016 ballot measure legalized marijuana for adult recreational use and included restrictions on advertisements.

“This makes it much harder for legal cannabis businesses to attract new customers, including customers that were shopping on the illicit market,” said Lindsay Robinson, executive director of the California Cannabis Industry Association.

The Cannabis Control Bureau has yet to provide a deadline for removal of the billboard ads and it wasn’t immediately clear what kind of penalties might be imposed, according to the Orange County Register.

“We’re starting the notification process and answering questions from licensees that have billboards up now to try and best understand their situation,” bureau spokesman Alex Traverso told the paper.

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